My online portfolio of my websites and YouTube channels:

I started to work on most of the projects May-2015. I have added every YouTube channel since then, and most of these websites too. 

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How To Engineering
- My how-to website
- Also on: Pinterest - YouTube
- My best pictures for all to see!
- Also on: Getty Images - Foap
Retro Unlimited
- Well, That took me back.
- Also on:
The Cloud
- My view on cloud computing
  - Custom theme Google homepages

Old Websites
- Old Websites and YouTube Channels


What's Next?...Random! - youtube
What's Next?...Random!
- My random videos

How2E - youtube
- How to videos
- Youtube channel for

The Art Show - youtube
The Art Show
- My Wife's artwork
- Youtube channel for How-to: Crafts
- Also on: Facebook
Hiking Los Angeles - youtube
Hiking Los Angeles
- Hiking around Los Angeles

Well, that takes me back - Retro Unboxing - youtube
Retro Unlimited
- Unboxing retro software and hardware - Also on:

Smash-it - youtube
(My newest so far...) - Smash things with 40,000LBS!

Old YouTube Channels
- Old Websites and YouTube Channels

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