These are some of my old Websites I may no longer update:

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The Bottle
- Liquor history and recipes
Honda TB size chart
- Just a useful chart
Do You Like Tacos?
- A joke website (About)
Tin Can Vapes
- Vape e-cig info
Grandpa's Limericks
- My Grandfathers book
- Also on: Facebook
- A website I made for my friend hiking the PCT

These are some of my old YouTube Channels I may no longer update:

Stop Bad Drivers - youtube
Stop Bad Drivers
- Bad drivers in Los Angeles
- Also on: Google +
Daily Driving Craziness - youtube
Daily Driving Craziness!
 - Bad drivers in LA (clips)
- Also on: Google +
'Zero Day' Adventures - youtube
IRONMANS 'Zero Day' Adventures

- YouTube channel for hikingpct
- Also on: Google +
Vape Juice Recipes - youtube
Vape Juice Recipes
- Vape e-cig information and unique videos
- Also on: Google +
Hill Climb Pikes Peak - youtube
Hill Climb Pikes Peak
- My drive up Pikes Peak Mountain (14,110 ft elevation)
- Also on: Google +
She was a Virgin - youtube
She was a Virgin
- My old band from when I was in college
- Also on: Google +
Liquor History - youtube
Liquor History
- A history of liquors (brief history)
- Also on: Google +

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